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Playing in nature's playground

"We want to share our love of nature and learning with our children and lean into the village for ourselves and our children." - Chloe - Co founder of Wild Little Raven


Our Philosophy 

Friends, Chloe and Zea started Wild Little Raven to share their love of nature with their children and community.

Wild Little Raven programs are designed to allow children the time and space to be creative with their play and empower them to connect with the natural environment and community. We believe spending time in nature is the best way for our children to build resilience, independence, confidence, learn social skills, and learn to appreciate their environment.

Being out in nature provides enrichment and joy for all ages. As parents we've learnt the value of the outdoors for our children "when they're in a 'funk', take them out!" as it can help regulate emotions and shift perspectives and mood just by being outside (ours too!) . Being in nature creates space for us to slow down and be present in the moment. Even small babies benefit from the sensory experience that being outdoors can provide. 

Children are capable beings, they are curious and playful. Play is how children work, it's how they strengthen their concentration skills, learn about body awareness, improve gross and fine motor skills, practice imagination, and improve self expression. Here at Wild Little Raven, we encourage child-led play, where we observe our children first and build on their interest through play. We don't have all the answers and have so much to learn from our children.

Wild Little Raven acknowledges the Aboriginal people of Ngarigo as the traditional owners of the land which we play on and we respect their long history of connection and care for Ngarigo country. 

We value relationships and want to create a community where our children have other adults to learn from, and where we have other parents to bounce thoughts and ideas off.

What to expect

Our programs are child led. Child led means we will observe children and respond with what they are doing. We aim to connect with them through engaging in their play whilst empowering them to be the creators of it.

Activities will vary depending on the season and the children present. We might meet and learn about insects, make art with nature, build a rock tower or read a book. We keep our activities simple and open on purpose so each child can feel sucessful.

Playgroup will generally be unstructured. Research has demonstrated the importance of free play. Where kids can take risks, learn natural consequences and make their own decisions. 


We invite you to be curious about the unique interests of your child as you spend time with them in nature.  


What are the benefits of outdoor child led play?

💚 Promotes creativity and imagination
💚 Improves self confidence
💚 Develops a greater sense of purpose
💚 Improves emotional regulation 
💚 Builds feelings of gratitude

💚 Encourage body awareness

💚 Grow connection and community

Outdoor programs give children the skills they need to remain emotionally regulated and resilient, while also promoting the mental and physical wellbeing needed for children to succeed. 

Nature gets the best out of our children. When ever our kids are in a bit of a funk the motto is "when in doubt, take them out"

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What Others are saying...

"We felt so welcomed and cared for from the moment we arrived. You're building something truly beautiful" - Pheobe

"What an amazing morning we had with the crew from Wild Little Raven. Can't wait to see you all again soon!" - Rachelle

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