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Our Programs

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 Nature Play 

Our nature play sessions are a learning experience, connecting your children to nature.

This program is for parents and their children aged 0-6 years old. Parents are required to attend.

Joining our Nature Play program will give your children time to explore independently, be invited to care for our environment and discover the wonders of our natural world.

We want our children to lead their play so you won't see too many planned activities. We want them to use nature's toys (leaves, sticks, flowers etc) as well as loose parts to create their own masterpiece. If we do have a craft activity it will be kept open and simple on purpose so the child can feel successful. 

💚 We will start with a welcome song and a brief introduction and safety talk.
💚 There will be an invitation to go for a walk / explore the area. 
💚 There will be an invitation to run and create some games together.

We are currently offering this program on a Thursday in Jindabyne. Our location will change depending on the weather and how adventurous we are feeling. 

We do not have insurance. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.


Our desire is to spend time in nature with our children and to meet other families along the way.

We will post on facebook and Instagram our location on Wednesday night.

We are an inclusive playgroup. We are excited to meet you.

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